Curriculum: International Pre-primary program is taken up in the name of Cygnets. It is to nurture the young minds with more adopting and understanding the environment around. It is designed on the ideals of 'in making of future'

We provide experienced and trained staff to help toddlers develop key learning skills. Sensory based learning, healthy eating habits, play-based thinking skills and sports activities are based in this program. This program boasts about training children to be independent in terms of speech therapy, potty training, self-learning skills, social skills and self-management. Montessori methods are adopted in teaching.
At this age children are more willing to learn, share and explore. Our staff is trained to teach children different languages, writing skills and engage them in memory building activities, through singing, sports, dancing and story studios. Children are encouraged to build their extra-curricular activities. Montessori methods are adopted in teaching
Just like the hardworking honeybee, the children are taught to work towards building their overall skills. Hands-on learning experience, field trips, writing abilities, reading capabilities and Math and Science concepts will be taught. This program aims at preparing the students for primary school learning challenges. Montessori methods are adopted in teaching.
Curriculum under NCERT guidelines is followed in the middle school. Deep and personalized learning is at the heart of SSSV. Our students learn to make a choice, communicate, think critically, collaborate with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds, and use creativity to solve unique challenges as they discover their passion and purpose in school. Building a sense of responsibility towards the community and environment is at the core of all academic and co-curricular activities at SSSV.

Formative assessments : 20 marks

Class tests 5 M
Note book and home work 5 M
Subject Enrichment 5 M
Project works 5 M

Summative assessments : 40 marks

Grade 3 - 5 : SA1 & SA2

Summative assessments : 80 marks

Grade 6 - 10 : SA1 & SA2
Integrated SSC program prescribed the state government of Telangana is followed. The academic pattern is characterized by flexibility and individuation. It focuses on the needs of individual students and offers a learner-centered approach. The acquisition of new knowledge is made more meaningful through opportunities to apply it. Projects, Experiential learning, LSRW skills, presentations, and field trips ensure that the learner finds many avenues to apply the theory in practice. A unique IC program is designed to make Every child is a Ready Child.


Class tests 5 M
Note book and home work 5 M
Subject Enrichment 5 M
Project works 5 M



Co-curricular activities

General Knowledge Self Government - School Cabinet Guest lectures
Computer Science Field trips and Educational trips Sports meet
Quiz, Spell Bee Knowledge fests Cultural fests
Value education Talk shows Digital theatre
Language lab Leadership development programs Language lab
Story studios Karate Dance and Music theatres

House system

The House Systems forms a key part of our school. Students are divided into four houses: Unicorn, Pegasus, Dragons and Phoenix and they remain within their respective house during their tenure in the school. There is a friendly yet healthy competition between the houses in the Inter-House and Inter-School competitions held throughout the school year.

Although they play to win, we firmly believe that students learn what it means to win and gracefully. The competition includes both the academic and non academic areas under a wide variety of events. All the points secured in these competitions contribute to the grand, fiercely fought-over all Champion of the year, House Shield, which is presented in the annual day of the year.

Scoreboard for the Houses